Sunday, March 8, 2009


A reason why I wanted to write this blog today was that, lately, there has been a sudden dearth of good ones. The kind that you found while you were kids, while growing up, in college etc. Nope! .. they just don't come that easy anymore. Well, even though that's not entirely true, its probably just that everyone's older now, stronger opinions, people basically get weirder as they grow up I guess?

Come to think of it, there's probably just a couple of people that I could name that have grown to become good "friends" in the past 3 years, ever since I left college that is. The whole point here is that probably everyone could, and would claim the exact same thing! But my superiority complex kicks in, and I say that for some reason, I have always had better friends than others. It's all part of the feeling that I perpetually have. This safety net over me feeling, a strange force of some sort that protects me from most fuck-ups in life, or gets me out of them. So, now I can clearly see a degradation in the quality of people. Where were these people all these years? I am not GOD, I don't even try to be, I hate judging even though I do it all the time, all I keep reminding myself is that my judgment is strictly personal, and is not of any consequence really. Anyways.... On introspecting, I realize that ALL my "friends" have been subconsciously chosen to be of a particular class, type, nature etc. They have certain traits common between each other, and I recognize that now since these traits are non-existent in most people.
I guess even though most people "talk" of these "qualities" just like I am mentioning them at this moment, I think one can safely presume that these people do NOT understand what they really are. As one reads this, something very obvious should hit the reader now, that one needn't be a friend to understand these qualities. These qualities are actually part of human nature, they are what a person should strive to uphold, that these should be present even at a human to animal level, and this is where the subconscious choice takes place.
I realized, that "my friends" have understood the true meaning of these words, not necessarily following them at all times. But understanding them is enough, because if you believe in them, you automatically have a conscience that will prick you when you are "wrong". This automatically helps you to improve as a person. No one's perfect, and everyone knows this, but everyone doesn't understand it. "MY friends" do.
I have come to a point where I can be arrogant about them, since they become special. This is automatic again, as they are a rare lot. Clockwork! When the base is set right, everything else follows. Foundation, that's about it. I am sure if anyone does ever read this blog, they could make a million interpretations, but all my friends would make similar interpretations as they understand the meaning of all those words that are repeated and glorified in every other book, movie, newspaper etc. These are the simple things in life that have to be said again and again, its the simplest of things that people have forgotten and will continue to forget... my friends haven't.

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Trevor Mark said...

A smile, they say, sometimes says a whole lot more than just words. I was asked if I enjoyed meeting you on my journey through life...I simply smiled! :-)