Friday, July 4, 2008


shit! game over! ... its begun! ... our first guy's going down... the first guy among our so called group is getting hitched! married! screwed! in whichever sense one takes it... hell that doesn't matter actually; what matters is that the pack's started to fall! .. it'll soon be all over for everyone of us.. many will submit to this insanity called marriage willingly, many will succumb to pressures!

even amma was like "isn't it early for him?!" hell yea it was man! he's just 24! twentyfuckinFOUR! but I defended him very confidently saying that he'd been seeing his woman for 9 years now, and that they were living-in abroad for the past year, it was high time they got married, or else they'd get bored no?! hehe ...

I guess I am paranoid by the very thought of it right now, it seems crazy at this moment to think that within the next few years this disaster was imminent, inevitable even. Now, why this paranoia?! But I am paranoid right now, am probably scared that I might make the wrong choice (be it in finding someone.. in which case it would be totally my fault) ... or if I did opt for the more convenient "arranged marriage" I wouldn't even be able to blame it on anyone!!

Things have changed a lot since our parents got married. I've somehow lost my faith in wimmen! ... the ones u like..wanna fuck around ... the ones u dont ..want something more meanignful :P .. classic irony know?! I don't think I am a chauvinist or anything, I know i am not... but wimmen these days are so fucked in the head... I really think men should have not created the concept of feminism cos its majorly backfiring on us man!

Anyways, coming back to my friend here, I really think that these two are made for each other, they really are! ... 9 years (read: since 10th std) and going strong... classic fairytale man .. god bless! and may they live (happily) ever after... as for the rest of us ... this should sum it all:

"A happy man marries the girl he loves; a happier man loves the girl he marries..."

and another saying that'll help us immensely in life is this one i found on the internet...

"No man is truly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying."

...there are few things in this world that come close to true love... at least for now ... i am almost there sippin on my 4th peg of good ol' Tennessee whiskey...